Tell the EPA to Prioritize Children's Health

The Trump administration continues to turn its back on our children’s health and safety. Over the past couple months, the administration has rolled back the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, effectively shut down the EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection by putting its leader on administrative leave without explanation or cause, proposed to weaken methane emissions safeguards, and removed any mention of the impact of climate change on children from a proposed rule change on the most powerful greenhouse gases.

The mission of the EPA is to protect us from threats to our health, safety, and environment. Millions of children in the United States are already suffering from asthma at record rates. Children suffer disproportionately from fossil fuel pollution and are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Assistant Administrator Wehrum must reverse course and prioritize children’s health and well-being over fossil fuel profits.

Tell Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler not to roll back mercury or methane safeguards, to reinstate the head of the Office of Children’s Health Protection, and to prioritize children's health and well-being!

Young girl in respiratory mask holding doll in front of smokestacks

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