Tell Your Senators to Oppose Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator

An ex-coal lobbyist is unfit to lead the EPA. PERIOD!

Andrew Wheeler is a dangerous threat to the health of our children, communities, air, and water. He is not the leader our kids deserve.

Yet Senate Republicans are rushing to get him approved as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Acting Administrator, this ex-coal lobbyist has already continually protected the interests of polluters over families -- taking countless actions to increase climate-harming pollution.

In his short tenure at EPA, Wheeler gutted the coal ash rule, dismantled America's clean car standards, weakened methane standards, and is putting forward a Dirty Power Plan that the EPA's own analysis says will cause an additional 1,400 deaths each year due to more pollution. He is also pushing plans to reverse how the EPA calculates public health impacts from its own rules. This would ruin the lifesaving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards finalized in 2012, opening the door to more toxic mercury pollution from coal plants and directly jeopardizing the health of kids and our communities. To add insult to injury, Wheeler is pushing to redefine which U.S. waterways are covered by the Clean Water Act, putting drinking water for one in three Americans at risk. 

Our children deserve an EPA administrator who will protect them. And we all deserve better than an ex-coal lobbyist with a toxic agenda. 

Tell your senators to oppose his nomination!

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