Victory! President Obama cancels Arctic Ocean drilling leases!

Victory: President Obama cancels Arctic leases!

In a win for America’s Arctic and our climate, the Department of Interior has just announced they are cancelling all offshore drilling leases in our Arctic Ocean for the next two years! Additionally, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management denied Shell and Statoil’s requests for their Arctic leases to be extended.

The “Shell No” movement has shown that people power can and will continue to overcome Big Oil. Let’s celebrate this victory and make sure our oceans continue to be protected from an industry with an unforgivable track record.

Now, President Obama has the opportunity to further his climate legacy and keep even more dirty fuels in the ground. Another round of leases has been proposed in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean for 2017 to 2022. We know drilling is dirty, dangerous, and must not be allowed to go forward. Let’s raise our voices together and tell President Obama to cancel the proposed leases for both coasts.

Thank President Obama for taking steps to protect the Arctic Ocean, and tell him to put an end to the next cycle of proposed leases in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

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