Stop an increase of harmful air pollution from the Marathon oil refinery

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Imagine air that’s so pulluted it's hard to breathe. That’s what every single day is like for many people living in Detroit around the 48217 zip code. Dirty coal plants and dirty oil refineries are spread across the landscape, spewing toxic pollution into the air people breathe. This area is the most polluted in the entire state of Michigan.

So it isn't surprising that the 48217 zip code has failed to meet federal air quality standards for a harmful smog-forming pollutant called sulfur dioxide. The State of Michigan is required to come up with a viable plan to reduce the amount of this pollution, yet instead of doing that, they are considering approving another increase in sulfur dioxide pollution for the Marathon Oil Refinery, one of the most controversial environmental offenders. After a public hearing in the first week of January, they plan to install a new facility which would increase the pollution even further, including more sulfur dioxide.

The families living in this area deserve to breathe clean air like everybody else. Take a moment to submit a public comment telling the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Marathon that this is wrong for our community. (TIP: If you personalize your message, by including why you care about this issue, it'll carry more weight with decision-makers.)

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