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Five years ago on her 70th birthday, Sierra Club volunteer leader Carol Ross (pictured above) left West Virginia and its irreversible legacy of environmental destruction from coal mining. She and her husband moved to the Pacific Northwest seeking an environmentally green and forward-looking place to live. So of course, she was then shocked to learn that Arch Coal and Millennium Bulk Terminals were proposing a huge coal export terminal in Longview, Washington.  

Arch Coal contributed to the destruction of over 500 mountains in Appalachia, with no respect for wildlife, water, air, culture, history, property rights or human health. They brutalized Appalachia. 

Carol said “No way, not in Longview!” So did thousands who spoke public hearings and submitted public comments, saying no to what could become North America’s largest coal export terminal. Now, the Washington Department of Ecology and other agencies are about to open up the next opportunity for input, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Submit your comment today! Millennium Bulk Terminals is Arch Coal’s last hope. Let’s squash it immediately, overwhelmingly and permanently.


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