Stop oil and gas drilling on public lands -- protect the Wyoming Range!

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The Wyoming Range, in Bridger-Teton National Forest in western Wyoming, is a real natural paradise. The lands boast the largest moose population in Wyoming, and key wildlife birthing and migration areas for iconic western wildlife. Outdoor recreationists head there for camping, fishing, horseback riding, nature photography, and solitude.

Oil and gas companies have been pressuring the Forest Service to lease public lands in the range for drilling, but we've fought back. In 2009, wildlife and lands lovers like you pushed Congress to pass the Wyoming Range Legacy Act, protecting 1.2 million acres. 

Now you have a chance to continue and protect that legacy. The Forest Service is proposing a "No Leasing" plan for 40,000 acres to protect our public lands, wildlife, and recreation. But they need strong public support to fight back the powerful oil and gas industry.

Help the Forest Service fight drilling on our precious public lands -- show them your support today!


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