Resist Trump’s efforts to drill off our coasts

Protect our coasts from offshore drilling

Trump’s environmental rollback continues. He signed an Executive Order to undo permanent protections in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and set the stage to allow for more offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This reckless act puts our coastal communities’ health, economic well-being, and environment at risk.

Last year, over two million activists opposed offshore lease sales in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. This outpouring of activism motivated President Obama to use his authority to protect the Arctic and Atlantic oceans from drilling. Without a strong leader in the White House, we must  turn our attention to Congress and stop any attempt to see our oceans handed over to oil and gas companies.

Congress must work to protect our communities, climate, air, water, and wildlife from an industry with a catastrophic track record. This track record includes the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, a failed attempt by Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean, the Deepwater Horizon tragedy in the Gulf Of Mexico in 2010, a major oil spill off of California’s Santa Barbara coast in 2015, and the current oil spill and leak of gas in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. It is clear that the oil and gas industry cannot be trusted with our coasts. 

Tell your members of Congress to protect our coastal communities and climate from Big Oil and Gas.


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