Congress: Harvey relief MUST address the needs of frontline communities & NOT include border wall funding

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Harvey has dumped over 9 trillion gallons of water on the Houston area, and even more on the Gulf Coast region -- one of the most heavily industrialized areas on the planet.

By some estimates there are more than 10,000 potentially hazardous sites in the path of the flooding Harvey has left in its wake. From chemical plants to oil refineries and even gas stations, dangerously poisonous substances are seeping into the floodwater. The potential harm to the people living in the area is devastating.

This week, Congress will meet to authorize disaster relief funding. We must make sure they include funds to help address superfund sites and other toxic releases in the area.

 The approved funding must meet the needs of the communities most vulnerable to the storm's impact. For this reason we also demand that recovery funds must focus on sustainable, locally-led development; be made available to everyone regardless of citizenship status; and ensure the right of return for people at risk of being displaced.


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Bryan Parras