Bank Fossil-Free: Pledge to Divest from Banks Funding Climate Change!

Big banks like Wells Fargo pour billions of dollars into fossil fuels and the companies behind dangerous projects -- like the Keystone XL and Line 3 tar sands pipelines -- that threaten Indigenous rights, our global climate, and the health of our communities. If your money is invested with big banks like Wells Fargo, it is helping to fund projects like these and the environmental and human rights abuses that come with them.

Each of us has the power to fight back by making sure our own money is not invested with banks that finance this destruction. Whether you can move $5 or $50,000, you can send a clear message by moving your money to a socially-responsible bank or credit union that shares your values and does not finance fossil fuels. This growing movement has already divested millions of dollars from the big banks funding dirty pipelines. Now it’s your turn.

With your help, we will send a message to banks like Wells Fargo that there are consequences for their irresponsible actions, and that investing in dirty fossil fuel projects is bad business. Together, we can take back our power and invest in a future that benefits our communities, our economies, and our health.

Take action: Pledge to move your money out of Wells Fargo and other big banks funding dirty fuels!

Divest Wells Fargo


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