Ask your members of Congress: Cosponsor the Women and Climate Change Act!

Climate change affects us all, but when disasters hit, women are disproportionately impacted.

In the wake of climate disasters, women regularly take responsibility for growing the family’s food and collecting water, fuel, and other resources. Climate displacement also exposes women and girls to extreme violence and threats including risk of rape, sexual exploitation and abuse.

The Women and Climate Change Act (H.R.1880 and S.868), introduced by Representative Barbara Lee and Senator Mazie Hirono, promotes approaches to climate change mitigation that uplift, include and empower women. With 55 House cosponsors in the last Congress, support for the bill is growing -- but we need you to make sure your members of Congress are on board!

Tell your members of Congress: Cosponsor and be a champion for the Women and Climate Change Act!

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Image: U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the wake of climate disasters like Hurricane Maria, women are called upon to find food and clean water, secure safe housing, and care for loved ones.