It's time for NorthWestern Energy to prepare for the retirement of Colstrip

Colstrip's largest owner, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), is taking the necessary steps to prepare for a transition away from Colstrip power by 2027. Avista, another Colstrip owner, has proposed a similar date.

It's time for NorthWestern Energy to join them in responsible planning. NorthWestern owes it to ratepayers, workers, and Montana. 

NorthWestern, as Montana's "hometown" utility, should also join PSE and Avista in committing cleanup and transition funds for the community of Colstrip and its coal plant workers.

Montana is tied with Kansas for the second best wind resources in the country and a new wind farm near Great Falls will be offering clean, renewable power for $21 per megawatt-hour. Compare that to the $75 per megawatt-hour NorthWestern Energy ratepayers spend for Colstrip power.

Montana is a major energy exporter and we want to maintain that position as the shift to renewable energy accelerates. But we need to prepare now.​

Missoula youth display banner at Peoples Climate March April 29 2017


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Missoula youth display banner at Peoples Climate March, April 29, 2017.