Don’t Let Trump Axe Giant Sequoia National Monument!


Logging companies are lying in wait, chainsaws ready, for President Trump to chop the boundaries and protections of Giant Sequoia National Monument and give them free reign to log our beloved forests. 

We cannot let this happen.

Loggers have been trying for decades to get permission to log the redwood ecosystem, and the threat is more real than ever now that Trump has called for the monument to be reviewed. If we don’t act now, the monument could be reduced from 328,000 acres to just 90,000, putting a majority of the park's beloved giant sequoia groves at risk.

Giant Sequoia National Monument contains the world’s densest population of giant sequoias, as well as lush meadows and rare animals such as the California spotted owl and California condor.  

The local economic benefits to maintaining the National Monument are unmistakable: Since the designation of the Giant Sequoia National Monument, the number of jobs in the area has increased by 20 percent, per capita income by 24 percent, and population in the area by 21 percent.

Giant Sequoia and our other national monuments were protected thanks to the work of activists like you. Now we need to stand up for our public lands once again. 

Take action: Don't let Trump open up Giant Sequoia National Monument to logging! Protect our National Monuments and public lands for future generations.

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