Ask your mayor and local leaders to commit to 100% clean energy now!

One year ago today, Trump announced his intent to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Yet over the past year we've made it clear: the United States will continue to act on climate and transition to clean energy! 

Mayors and local officials have been at the forefront of moving the United States towards a healthier, stronger, and more just and equitable future by committing to 100% clean, renewable energy for all.
To date, nearly 70 U.S. cities have adopted goals to transition their cities and towns to 100% clean, renewable energy [1], a critical step to meeting the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. The movement towards a future powered by 100% clean energy presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve the economy, health, and environment in these communities.

Internationally, 176 countries have now joined the Paris Agreement [2], including all of the world's major emitters. Domestically, seventeen states, Puerto Rico, and over 220 cities have also committed to meet the carbon goals in the Paris Agreement via the #WeAreStillIn coalition and the U.S. States Climate Alliance.

City by city, town by town, the United States can meet and exceed its climate commitments by transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy for all. 

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