Tell Wall Street CEO Marc Lasry to invest in clean energy on the Navajo Nation, not failing coal.

Wall Street CEO Marc Lasry, owner of Avenue Capital Group and the Milwaukee Bucks, wants to buy Navajo Generating Station, the West's largest coal plant, rather than investing in clean, sustainable energy. If the sale goes through, it'd be a massive cave-in to the Trump Administration and a huge step backwards for cheaper, more reliable clean energy projects.

You can tell Marc Lasry now that this is a bad investment for his firm, the Navajo Nation, and our climate. Send your message.

This coal plant, and the mines that feed it, have long polluted the water and air of the Navajo Nation and have been deemed uneconomic by local utilities. Right now, it's set to retire next year and be replaced with renewable energy capacity. That would not just let the land heal, but be a boon to the local economy. Why doesn't Marc Lasry invest his billions in clean, sustainable energy that benefits Navajo communities and our climate instead?

Send him a message now and let's head towards clean energy!

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Photo: Raymond M. Coveney