Take Action: Tell EPA to end ongoing pollution of PFAS chemicals!

Earlier this year, former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump White House sought to block the release of a Health and Human Services study on the health impacts of Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). But after public outcry, the report is now out -- and it's clear why Scott Pruitt and his friends in the chemical industry didn't want you to see it.

The study shows the “minimal risk level” for exposure to two notorious PFAS chemicals should be seven to 10 times lower than previously recommended by the EPA. PFAS chemicals are linked to cancer, low infant birth weights, and effects on the immune system and hormones. They pose a particular threat to sensitive populations including infants and breastfeeding mothers.

PFAS can be found in common household products including non-stick pans, paints, cleaning products, and firefighting foams used widely at airports and on military bases. Drinking water across the country has been contaminated by the chemicals, particularly in areas near military bases and production facilities that have used the chemicals. We have to do more to protect our communities from these dangerous chemicals!

Take Action: Tell EPA to end ongoing pollution of PFAS chemicals and accelerate cleanup efforts for affected communities!

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Photo credit: Steve Johnson, Flickr.