Tell Wells Fargo to protect the Arctic Refuge and stop funding extreme fossil fuels

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Drilling in the Arctic Refuge would threaten Indigenous rights, industrialize one of America’s last wild places, and accelerate the climate crisis. Fortunately, a growing number of banks and financial institutions are refusing to fund these extreme oil projects.

So why is Wells Fargo staying silent while increasing its investments in dirty fuels? 

Drilling in the Refuge is opposed by the vast majority of Americans, but we know the Trump administration is only listening to their Big Oil buddies. That’s why we have to stop banks and investors from funding drilling projects that could wreck the Arctic Refuge. 

Earlier this year, institutional investors with more than $2.5 trillion in assets sent a letter to oil companies and banks (including Wells Fargo) urging them not to invest in drilling in the Arctic Refuge. In addition, some of the world’s largest banks -- like HSBC, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, and others -- have committed not to finance oil and gas development in the Arctic region.

Wells Fargo is investing heavily in a PR campaign to repair its image (you’ve probably seen the ads). The bank could actually earn some goodwill by pledging not to support drilling in the Arctic Refuge. But if Wells Fargo remains silent and continues pumping billions of dollars into extreme fossil fuels, it's image might never recover.

Take action: Tell Wells Fargo to take a stand against drilling in the Arctic Refuge and stop funding extreme fossil fuels!

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