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Currently there are about about 3,500 active oil wells within LA county. The Inglewood Oil Field is the largest urban oil field in the country[1], spanning about 1,000 acres. A growing movement lead by local impacted community leaders and environmental justice organizations have pushed back against the polluting oil and gas industry. 

To fight oil and gas companies, we need to come together and show decisionmakers that communities will no longer tolerate the oil and gas drilling putting our health at risk.

Residents living near these drill sites are experiencing higher rates of asthma, reproductive issues, nosebleeds and respiratory illnesses. It’s unacceptable. In Los Angeles, the risks from oil drilling are increased because of how oil development takes place in the heart of communities within a dense city.

No one should be exposed to the toxins from oil drilling. The reality, however, is that most of these drilling sites are in low-income areas and communities of color.

To prepare for this push, we'll be:
  • Dreaming and co-creating a world where the health and safety of all people are protected and prioritized over profit
  • Organizing to demand transparency and accountability from the oil operator
  • Fight for regulations and policies that protect residents from the dangers of neighborhood drilling
  • Learning essential allyship skills to fight in solidarity with our friends leading the fight against neighborhood drilling across LA County
  • Getting updates from the field -- learning from their successes and strategies
  • Learning how to host house meetings, develop your own local actions, and so much more
Add your name to help us protect LA’s health and safety!

Download this factsheet to learn about drilling in LA.


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[1] EDF Report Filling the Void The Value of New Technology to Reduce Air Pollution and Improve Information at Oil and Gas Sites in California December 2017 Pg. 12
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