Tell BlackRock's CEO: Stop Funding the Climate Crisis

As the world’s biggest owner of fossil fuel companies, BlackRock is biggest driver of climate destruction on the planet today. They are the number one investor in new coal plant production, one of the largest investors in oil and gas, and the top US investor in companies destroying the world’s rainforests. BlackRock is also a top shareholder of many of the big banks that fund the development of new dirty fuels and pipelines.

It’s clear that BlackRock has a big climate problem, but they also have a big opportunity to fix it. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says he wants to be a climate leader and has been vocal about the need for greater corporate social responsibility. Right now, that's mostly talk -- but if enough of us raise our voices, BlackRock will have to square its actions with its leader’s words.

It’s time for BlackRock to put their money and power where their mouth is. Send a message now to CEO Larry Fink to be a true leader and stop investing in climate destruction!
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