Take action to protect endangered gray wolves

Gray wolf and pup

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has proposed to strip all remaining endangered species protections from gray wolves. We have until July 15 to voice our opposition!

For gray wolves, the road to recovery is just beginning. These wolves once roamed all of North America and were nearly hunted, trapped, and poisoned out of existence. Thanks to protections under the Endangered Species Act and efforts to reintroduce wolves in the Northern Rockies, gray wolves are slowly making a comeback. We cannot allow the USFWS to turn back the clock on their progress!

These remarkable creatures are icons of our landscape and their presence is vital to maintaining the balance of their native ecosystems. Wolves regulate the behavior of elk and deer populations, keeping herds from overgrazing. This allows trees to grow in greater abundance, grasses to grow taller, and other animals down the food chain to flourish, strengthening the resiliency of the entire ecosystem.

In a world without endangered species protections, the fate of gray wolves would be in the hands of states. In the Northern Rockies -- where endangered species protections for wolves were revoked several years ago and increasingly hostile anti‐wolf policies have been implemented -- wolves are treated as pests rather than essential parts of an ecosystem. Since 2011, trophy hunters, trappers, and others have killed nearly 3,500 wolves in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. If the USFWS moves forward with this plan, grey wolves across the rest of the contiguous U.S. could lose protections.

Tell USFWS Deputy Director Margaret Everson the majestic gray wolf must continue to have endangered species protections.

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Photo by alexandrumagurean/iStock