Tell Albertsons & Safeway to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic!


Help keep billions of plastic bags out of our oceans by demanding grocery stores get rid of single-use plastics!

Our planet is drowning in disposable plastics, many of which are made to be used only once, yet last forever.

By 2050, there's expected to be more plastics than fish in our oceans if we don't take bold action to eliminate these wasteful, single-use products.

Fortunately, businesses, local governments, and entire nations have taken actions to ban, limit, or place fees on single-use plastics.

If companies take action it can make a big dent. Kroger, the nation's largest grocery chain -- and Albertsons biggest competitor -- recently committed to do this. We know Albertsons and Safeway can follow their lead.

Help eliminate an estimated three billion plastic bags by asking Albertsons and Safeway to discontinue their distribution of single-use plastics now.


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