Tell your members of Congress to oppose Trump’s NAFTA deal!

Not only would Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 with Canada and Mexico continue NAFTA’s toxic legacy of outsourcing jobs and pollution, it actually carves out special protections for the oil and gas industry. This carveout would limit the ability of communities to hold corporate polluters accountable and put profit ahead of the wellbeing of people impacted by destructive fossil fuel projects.

The long-lasting impacts of trade deals mean this one deal could lock in the continued outsourcing of jobs and pollution for decades to come. This deal neglects any mention of climate change, has weak environmental standards, and offers handouts to corporate polluters that could slow the transition to clean energy and transportation.

With the oil and gas industry putting everything on the line to pass this toxic trade deal, we need 25,000 people like you to send a clear message to Congress.

Send a message to your members of Congress opposing Trump’s NAFTA 2.0!

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