Tell BlackRock: Use your enormous power to fight the climate crisis

Companies that manage mutual funds and 401Ks -- like BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world -- could be forcing major action on climate change in the boardrooms of the biggest polluters. Instead, BlackRock has been sitting on their hands and shielding corporate polluters from accountability. 

Millions of Americans entrust fund managers like BlackRock with our retirement savings. They in turn invest our money into some of the biggest corporations in the world, and then vote on our behalf at those corporations’ annual meetings. But instead of voting for shareholder resolutions demanding decisive climate responsibility from companies like Exxon and Amazon, these fund managers are using their power to block climate action.

Fund managers care about their public reputations, and what their customers say. It's time to call them out and demand they stop enabling climate change and be a part of the solution. It’s time they all hear from all of us. Tell BlackRock: Vote to take action on the climate crisis!

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