Say no to gas industry subsidies -- It's time to electrify everything!

Los Angeles Public Workshop on Building Decarbonization on April 8.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are accepting public comments on a workshop held in Los Angeles on April 8 to discuss how California will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. 

Buildings are the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution statewide, so it’s time to start making progress! At immediate stake is a new subsidy program being developed by the CPUC that could help finance all-electric homes and fund research on early stage, highly efficient electric appliances -- unless the gas company gets to the money first. We can't let that happen -- Sign the petition!     

Sierra Club volunteers were at last week's workshop -- but the gas industry showed up in force, too, dominating the mic and raising false concerns that electrifying our buildings is expensive and impossible. It's not: study after study has demonstrated that electrification is the lowest-cost and most feasible pathway to make the greenhouse gas reductions required both by California law and by our urgent need to address the climate crisis.[1]

The gas industry also claims electrification is not what Californians want. Decision-makers need to hear from you that polluting gas appliances are bad for our health and bad for the climate, and that public funding should go only to truly clean, efficient electric alternatives. 

Here are some examples of personal comments:
  • I'm asking the state to support truly clean electric solutions for California buildings!
  • I'm concerned about indoor air quality. [You can explain why, for example, if you or your family members have asthma or are cancer patients or survivors.] 
  • I don't want gas in my home anymore because I'm concerned about methane leaking from the pipes, and about the pollutants from burning gas in appliances that make the air unhealthy for my family.  
  • The gas company talks about biomethane, but that has all the same air quality problems as regular methane. 
  • I am sick and tired of using gas.
  • I'm frustrated that I can't get a rebate for efficient electric appliances since I currently have gas. 
  • I care about the climate and I don't want a rebate for another gas appliance. 
  • I want a rebate to help me get off gas entirely. Please fix this regulatory barrier to help consumers afford electrification. 
  • We need to start making progress faster. We have a long way to go to meet our statewide greenhouse gas reduction goals.
  • Statewide incentive money shouldn't be going to technologies that are "near zero" -- we need to go to zero!  
  • Please only fund technologies that align with our long-term goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.
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Image: Los Angeles Public Workshop on Building Decarbonization on April 8. 

1- "Deep Decarbonization in a High Renewables Future." Energy Environmental Economics, California Energy Commission,