Take Action -- Join the global movement for 100 percent clean and renewable energy!

Now more than ever before, local action on 100% clean, renewable energy is driving national and global impact.

On April 10, Chicago became the largest city in the U.S. to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy community-wide -- joining the 100% clean energy wave that’s sweeping the nation. Already, Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Puerto Rico, and over 120 cities across the country have gone all-in on clean energy.

That means that 1 in 5 Americans now lives in places committed to powering themselves entirely with renewable energy!

Together, these communities prove that 100% clean, renewable energy is important for all cities, states, and communities -- big and small, red and blue, locally and globally. Why?

Because cleaner, healthier, more affordable energy is here! Wind power has more than doubled in the past four years, and over the past six years has plummeted in price. Solar energy has increased by a factor of five, making solar one of the fastest-growing industries in America, and the fastest-growing industry in the world. Today, supporting clean energy is not just about protecting our air and water, it’s also about supporting our local economies and creating jobs.

#ReadyFor100 is a movement of people working to inspire our leaders to embrace a vision of healthier communities powered by 100% clean energy. We are asking governors, mayors, CEOs, pastors, principals, civic and community leaders, parents and students to commit to solutions that help us achieve 100% clean, renewable energy across the United States by the year 2050, or sooner. As we've seen, communities are leading states and states can lead the nation.

Campaigns are springing up in cities and states all around the country led by local folks who want good jobs, clean air and a better quality of life in their communities. In 2019, governors and local leaders are leading the charge to accelerate a clean energy economy. Inevitably, we will get there -- and as these governors and local leaders make good on their promises, they need to be sure our transition is one that’s equitable and just. 

Are you ready for 100% clean energy for all? Take action now and help build the movement for state-wide commitments to 100% clean and renewable energy for all!

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