It's everywhere: Tell your members of Congress to take action on toxic PFAS now!

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Tell Congress to co-sponsor bills and vote for bills to regulate PFAS -- thousands of toxic "forever chemicals" that never break down and have created a public health crisis. We finally have some action in Congress and 26 proposed bills are an important first step to close regulatory loopholes and force the government to end the PFAS contamination crisis. Bills are moving, so act now!

These toxic, indestructible, man-made chemicals are building up in our bodies and water. PFAS is unavoidable, it's in thousands of products from fast food wrappers, to dental floss, to cookware, firefighting foam, and water-repellant clothing. PFAS brings increased risk of developing cancer, thyroid problems, and kidney damage. Prenatal and childhood exposures can permanently impair children's health and development. We have to stop using it altogether, find a way to safely destroy it, and help people suffering from high exposure.

PFAS are so pervasive, they may have already contaminated the drinking water of an estimated 100 million people in the country. PFAS chemicals are even worse than PCBs, worse than DDT -- they affect every part of the human body. We need to take fast action to mitigate PFAS damages and stop releases immediately. Tell your Senator and Representative to co-sponsor PFAS legislation and make it happen, now!

Add a personal sentence or two to strengthen your signature, hearing thoughts from their consituents makes a difference to your Members of Congress! You will have an opportunity to review petition language before submitting. Thank you for taking action.

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