Protect the Appalachian Trail from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion Energy is pulling out all the stops to push through the ruinous fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). Don't give them the chance! Ask your Senators and Representative in Congress to oppose any legislation that makes way for the ACP.

Only Congress can authorize rights of way for oil and gas pipelines on national park lands, including stretches of the Appalachian Trail. Now, Dominion is trying to change the rules and get a free pass from Congress to ignore laws meant to protect our most treasured landscapes, parks, and vistas. The Appalachian Trail crossing is one of seven permits that federal courts have overturned or put on hold, all because of Dominion’s careless route selection and efforts to rush permitting processes.

Plus, it’s increasingly clear that the pipeline is not needed to meet electricity and gas demand. Worse, electricity customers in Virginia and North Carolina would be on the hook to pay for the costly new pipeline. Send your message now!

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