Tell Your Representative to Support 100% Clean Energy!

The Trump Administration is doing everything they can to prevent climate action. From rolling back limits on carbon pollution from power plants, to tossing out safeguards against methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, to gutting vital clean car standards, they are constantly stacking the deck in favor of polluters and their profits. The threat of runaway climate change is all too real, but luckily, cities and states are taking the lead and fighting back with bold action.

A just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels toward 100% clean, renewable energy means cleaner, cheaper, and healthier energy for all. Every American should breathe clean air, have affordable energy bills, and see the benefits of a strong, thriving local economy, while at the same time slashing greenhouse gases and preventing a climate catastrophe.

Already, five states and over 125 cities have committed to 100% clean energy. [1] Even more importantly, they are centering equity and justice in this transition. One in five people in  America now live in a place that is committed to achieving 100% clean energy for all. [2] It’s time for Congress to make a similar commitment.

Already, the House has passed climate legislation supporting the Paris Agreement and other climate-friendly policies. If enough of us raise our voices and demand action, we can get them to introduce legislation that would commit us to 100% clean energy, centered on equity and justice.

Tell your Representative to Act on Climate! Tell them to support 100% clean energy in Congress. Most importantly, tell your climate story-- why does this matter to you and your community?

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