Sign the Petition: Pacific Power should take action on climate!


Pacific Power’s dirty secret is out: it costs its customers more to operate aging coal plants than to move to  cleaner options like wind and solar.

Pacific Power’s own numbers show that it can replace nine coal units in the next three years with new wind, solar, and battery storage, and save customers $12 million while still delivering reliable power. These nine coal units spew 10 million tons of climate pollution every year and retiring them would be the equivalent of taking 2 million cars off the road!

Even though Oregon has committed to get off coal power by 2030, Pacific Power has no long-term plan to phase out coal. Utilities in Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, and Nevada have all announced plans to go 100% carbon free, but Pacific Power is still clinging to expensive coal power. If we're going to truly fight climate change in the West, we need better leadership from Pacific Power.

Take Action and sign the petition telling Pacific Power to retire its expensive coal plants!

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