Tell TVA's board of directors to support a 20-year clean energy plan

In August, TVA's board of directors will vote on TVA’s next Integrated Resource Plan, which determines how TVA will produce our electricity for the next 20 years.

Thanks to the advocacy of people like you, TVA has taken another look at its ability to invest in clean energy. And guess what? TVA found it can invest in clean energy technologies, phase out more fossil fuels, protect our environment, and create a more flexible electric grid, at no additional cost to customers. This presents TVA with a pivotal choice about our region’s energy future: commit to a commonsense clean energy pathway or continue to rely on the dirty, expensive energy of the past.

Send your message and your personal reasons for supporting a long-term clean energy plan to the members of TVA's board of directors.

A worker installs a solar panel. Text says, "Clean energy for the Tennessee Valley!"

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