Tell Poudre Valley Electric Association's CEO to take action on coal!

In Colorado, we still get too much of our power from dirty, expensive coal. That coal contributes to the climate crisis and makes our power WAY more expensive than it needs to be. 

Tri-State's still has no plans to retire four of it's aging coal plants and customers are paying the price. Tri-State's rates have increased 56 percent over the last decade and a recent report found it could save rural customers $600 million by shifting from coal to low-cost renewable energy. In Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association's (PVREA) communities, that's already hurting local businesses.

We need PVREA to know where its customers stand on Tri-State’s coal problem. It's time to retire Craig 2 and Craig 3. ACT NOW to tell CEO Jeff Wadsworth  to do everything in his power to make Tri-State retire their coal plants, support a just community transition, and invest in local, clean energy that will lower electricity rates and bolster Colorado’s economy. Don't forget to write a personal message to increase the effectiveness of your action

Colorado coal is hurting our climate. That's why we need to make Tri-State bring more clean energy to Colorado.

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