Tell Oil Company CEOs that Arctic Drilling is Bad Business!

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We know that the Trump administration is desperate to open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling -- they want to hold a lease sale before the end of the year. But who’s actually going to bid on drilling rights? That’s where things get interesting.

There are four major oil companies most likely to do business in the Refuge: HilCorp, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Chevron. Right now, none of them will confirm or deny any of their plans. But we know they’re talking behind the scenes, and this is our chance to weigh in.

Drilling in a remote place like the Arctic Refuge is already incredibly risky and expensive -- and oil companies also weigh the risk of bad publicity when they consider these investments. If they know they’ll also be facing a PR nightmare, these CEOs might decide the costs of drilling outweigh the benefits.

Indigenous leaders, scientists, and banks are already pressuring these companies to stay out of America’s last great wilderness. Now, we need them to feel the pressure from consumers too. 

Tell these oil company CEOs that Arctic drilling is bad business.


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