Tell the Forest Service to keep the public involved in their decisions!

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We all have a say in how public lands are cared for -- but the Forest Service wants to eliminate our chance to weigh in on their projects. They just proposed drastic regulation changes that would let them fast-track mining, logging, and pipeline construction without notifying the public. 

Many of these projects can have huge impacts on our wildlife, climate, and public health -- especially for nearby communities. The Forest Service is supposed to take these concerns into account when they're planning a new project. But if these changes go into effect, the public won't have a chance to weigh in on projects that could contaminate their drinking water, cut off access to popular trails, or increase the risk of wildfires.

These policy changes would give even more power to the oil, mining and timber industries that want to exploit our lands for profit. But the Forest Service doesn't work for these corporations -- they work for us, and we deserve to have a voice in these decisions. 

Tell the Forest Service that you oppose regulation changes that would cut the public out of these important conversations.

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