Breaking: US Fish and Wildlife guts Endangered Species Act protections -- fight back for wildlife!

Heartless! The Trump administration just announced plans to make significant cuts to vital wildlife protections under the Endangered Species Act. 

These changes will strip vital protections from threatened species, allow major destruction of critical habitat and remove agencies’ accountability to protect wildlife. They even release agencies from addressing climate change in management -- a completely irresponsible move considering the dire mass extinction projections in a UN climate report earlier this year.

We must keep the pressure on US Fish and Wildlife to uphold their responsibility to preserve and promote endangered species recovery -- not abandon or weaken it for profit. Take action now!

Personal messages are best! If you can, tell Interior Secretary Bernhardt how you feel about weakened protections for threatened and endangered wildlife in your region. We’ll distribute your message directly to your Regional US Fish and Wildlife office, to ensure they’re hearing our call for wildlife protection from all across the country! 

Bald Eagle, Cook Inlet, Alaska

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Photo by Flownaksala, iStock