Say YES to electric buses!

As a result of the Volkswagen settlement, also known as ‘Dieselgate’, Florida received $166 million to reduce emissions. One great way to make our air pollution problems better is with clean, cost-effective electric buses replacing dirty diesel ones. 

Our state leaders have different ideas on how to spend that money, they’ve already signaled that they want to reward their oil & gas friends by investing into more noisy, toxic diesel buses which would continue to pollute our communities and further put our state under water. They’re taking public comments now on how these funds should be spent.

Make your voice be heard and tell them to prioritize clean transportation! Millions of dollars and the future of clean air in our communities are on the line. 

We need as many people as we can to show their support and let these decision makers know what type of investment and transportation future Floridians actually want. 

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Photo credit: Emily Gorman