Tell General Motors to Protect Clean Car Standards!

Trump's rollback of the clean car standards is unraveling at the seams, and it shows. Let's keep up the momentum to pull it apart!

Send a message to General Motors today and ask them to reject the rollback and continue its support for strong fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards.

General Motors has said publicly that it believes electric vehicles are the future and that it plans to pursue an all-electric path. But GM's statements on Trump's rollback have been weak, lacking in a bold commitment to reject the rollback. Let's see what happens if all of us together give GM a nudge to reject Trump's rollback of the clean car standards! 

Trump has made it clear where he stands, alone and defending an indefensible rollback. The clean car standards enjoy bipartisan support from a majority of Americans who want cleaner air and vehicles that go further on a tank of gas. It's time for GM to walk the walk about the clean vehicle future the automaker claims to believe in.

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