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The Trump administration knows that their chance to drill in the Arctic Refuge is close to slipping away -- last year, BP announced that they're pulling out of Alaska, banks are refusing to fund Arctic drilling, and the House voted in favor of legislation to permanently protect the Refuge.

The administration released their final drilling plans for the Refuge, and we expect that they'll try to hold a lease sale in early 2020. If that happens, oil companies will be weighing the financial and reputational risks of investing in the Arctic Refuge. A massive response across 50 states will make them very, very nervous -- and that’s a good thing. 

The Gwich'in Nation has been leading the fight to protect the Refuge for years. If this sale happens, they’re asking people to stand in solidarity by going to their own place of refuge in response, and by sharing their reasons for doing so. It can be a park, a library, even your own kitchen table -- any place that acts as a safe haven. You can go solo, or you can bring friends with you.

If you sign up now, we'll send you a free sticker to display on the day of action. The Arctic Refuge might be far away, but what happens there impacts all of us. Show your solidarity with the Gwich'in in by bringing the fight to the Lower 48.


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