Tell General Electric to stop building coal plants abroad!

As the climate crisis rages, General Electric is investing in building more than a dozen coal plants across the world in places including Kenya, Kosovo, Vietnam, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. While its ads tout the company as the “Future of Energy,” GE’s continued coal buildout overseas will only exacerbate the climate crisis and burden even more communities with toxic pollution.

It has been years since a major coal plant has been built in the U.S. This is thanks to growing grassroots opposition and an understanding that the high economic, environmental, and health costs associated with coal power are simply too much to bear. The calculation isn’t any different abroad -- there’s simply no way to justify GE’s continued buildout of coal plants.

If built, these dozen coal plants would burn coal for decades, deepening the climate crisis and harming special places like Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the process.

Take action: Tell CEO Lawrence Culp Jr. that GE should immediately cease its involvement in all coal projects and invest in renewable energy instead.

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