Help Us Stop DTE's Polluting Plan!

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DTE is the 6th largest water polluter in the United States (Political Economy Research report). While DTE spends millions on the airwaves and digital ads to make us think they are sustainable corporate citizens, we are hard at work making sure people know that DTE is actually one of the worst environmental actors in Michigan.

DTE's long-term energy plan would keep coal burning until 2040 and increase amounts of gas for decades to come. DTE wants to extend the life of the River Rouge plant near downtown Detroit by burning industrial waste gas, which is in the middle of a community already overburdened by pollution.
Their pollution hurts our families and we deserve better. DTE’s energy plan should prioritize our health and safety.

DTE can do better. The Michigan Public Service Commission has the power to send DTE back to the drawing board. Support a better plan from DTE and Michigan officials and join us in calling on the Michigan Public Service Commission to hold DTE responsible and reject their polluting plan!

Political Economy Research Institute. Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index. 2019 Report.



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