Tell these big US banks that Arctic drilling is bad business!

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We know that funding fossil fuels is a terrible long-term investment -- but American banks have been slow to get the message. Now, that's starting to change. In response to pressure from Indigenous leaders and climate activists, Goldman Sachs became the first US bank to rule out financing Arctic oil drilling, thermal coal mines, and coal-fired power projects worldwide. 

We know that big banks can be swayed by peer pressure -- they don't want to fall behind on industry trends. Now that Goldman Sachs has joined more than a dozen of the world's largest banks in refusing to fund Arctic drilling, we need to focus our efforts on the other US funders that are notorious for propping up dirty fuels: Wells Fargo, Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley.

Send a message to the CEOs of the other major US banks, telling them that bankrolling Arctic drilling isn't just bad business -- it's a threat to Indigenous human rights and to the climate. 

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