Demand that EPA do its job: Protect your health and the environment from coal ash


Coal-fired power plants in the U.S. burn more than 800 million tons of coal every year, producing more than 110 million tons of solid waste in the form of fly ash, bottom ash, scrubber sludge and boiler slag -- commonly known as coal ash. Hazardous chemicals present in coal are concentrated in the ash when coal is burned. The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to allow companies to delay of closure unlined, hazardous coal ash ponds.

President Trump and his EPA is giving fossil fuel companies and polluters exactly what they want by weakening or eliminating the safeguards put into place by the 2015 federal Coal Ash Rule. Those important safeguards are supported by sound science and common sense, but some electric utilities, the coal industry, and President Trump all want to put polluter profits ahead of public and environmental protections. Under the proposed rollback, which was granted upon the industry’s request, many of the provisions of the 2015 Coal Ash Rule would be weakened.

President Trump’s attempt to weaken this rule is nothing more than a total giveaway to the industry and must be rejected. Tell the EPA to reject this harmful rollback.

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