Send your legislators a message today urging them to support the bi-partisan coal transition legislation!

Landmark bipartisan legislation to phase out coal-burning at all of Maryland’s six polluting coal plants has been introduced in the Maryland legislature!

This historic legislation would make Maryland a leader in the transition from coal to clean energy. The legislation would deliver meaningful climate action, and public health benefits to Marylanders -- while also supporting impacted coal workers and communities.

Maryland's coal plants are old, dirty, and need to go. Nearly 9 in 10 Marylanders live in counties failing to meet federal air quality standards for smog, which disproportionately burdens people of color and low-income communities. In Baltimore city the rate of childhood asthma is 20 percent -- double the national average. In addition to harming public health, Maryland’s coal plants disproportionately contribute to climate change. In 2017, Maryland's coal plants provided less than 14 percent of the state's gross electricity consumption but were responsible for 75 percent of the climate pollution from in-state power generators! 

Besides protecting the climate and Marylanders' health, the legislation is also designed to better support impacted communities, workers, and their families as we shift from coal to clean energy. The legislation will establish a coal community transition plan and funding to provide financial security to workers and the tax bases of affected communities. 

Send a message to your legislators today urging them to support this historic bipartisan legislation! Include a personal message about why this matters to you to have more influence.

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Del. Alfred C. Carr Jr.
State Delegate (MD018)
Phone: (410) 841-3638

Del. Emily E. Shetty
State Delegate (MD018)
Phone: (410) 841-3181

Del. Jared Solomon
State Delegate (MD018)
Phone: (410) 841-3130

Sen. Jeff D. Waldstreicher
State Senator (MD018)
Phone: (410) 841-3137