Tell JPMorgan Chase: Remove America's #1 climate denier from your board of directors.


JPMorgan Chase is the biggest funder of fossil fuels by far -- making them the World’s Worst Banker on climate change. Why? One key reason is likely because for nearly 20 years JPMorgan Chase has put Lee Raymond -- America's #1 climate denier -- in charge of its board of directors. That’s right -- Lee Raymond, the former CEO and Chair of ExxonMobil -- is JPMorgan Chase’s Lead Independent Director, whose job is to put a check on JPMorgan Chase's CEO and Chairman, Jamie Dimon.

Lee Raymond’s decisions set back climate action for decades, putting us in the crisis we’re in today. Exxon knew about the dangers of climate change since the 1980s. But under Lee Raymond’s leadership, ExxonMobil funneled $16-30 million from 1998 to 2005 into lobbying and PR strategies designed to deny climate science and undermine responsible policy. As late as 2005, Raymond went on television and claimed climate change was caused by sunspots and “the wobble of the earth.”

Lee Raymond has no business being in charge of anything -- let alone the board of the largest bank in the country. From 2016 to 2018, JPMorgan Chase poured $196 billion of financing to fossil fuels, including the dirtiest sources, like coal, tar sands, fracking, and Arctic oil and gas. Other banks are starting to clean up their act -- but Chase is stubbornly holding on in the face of growing climate disaster.

After years of raising our voices, we're at a major turning point when it comes to getting the world's biggest corporations to take the action that our climate crisis requires. Tens of thousands of Sierra Club supporters have started to move corporations like BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, BP and so many more to take climate action. 

With the next Climate Strikes fast approaching, other banks starting to take action, and JPMorgan Chase's own shareholders ready to hold them accountable, we've got a real chance at starting to hold the World's Worst Fossil Fuel Banker accountable if enough of us step up now. 

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