Demand that EPA do its job: Protect your health and the environment from coal ash


For decades, utilities have used the cheapest, easiest, and most dangerous method for coal ash disposal -- dumping the waste into unlined ponds next to power plants. These ponds are scattered across the U.S., spanning scores of acres and containing millions of tons of waste stored behind aging dams of soil and ash. They also sit close to communities and many of these ponds are leaking deadly poisons and radioactive substances, including carcinogens like arsenic, and neurotoxins such as lead and mercury near drinking water.

For the sixth time, the administration has issued plans that will allow coal ash dumps to continue polluting the waters millions of us rely on for drinking and recreation. Instead of strengthening the protections for coal ash that were put in place by the Obama administration in 2015, the Trump EPA wants to make it easier for these leaking coal ash ponds to pollute longer and with little to no oversight and public transparency.

The 2015 coal ash rules are protecting thousands of our communities from toxic pollution every day. Yet, at a time when the public’s health should be at the top of his administration’s agenda, it’s actually the farthest thing from it. The EPA’s attempt to weaken these protections is nothing more than a total giveaway to the industry. These plans must be rejected. 

Tell the EPA to drop these reckless plans that will let unchecked toxic coal ash pollute our communities. 

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