Stop Rolling Back Life-saving Environmental Standards During a Public Health Crisis

The Trump administration is back at it again: undermining vital health protections during a global pandemic. On April 16th, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced final changes to gut the foundation of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which have already reduced dangerous pollution from coal plants. Undermining these successful and lifesaving safeguards is just the latest in a long and devastating series of attacks from the Trump EPA on our health. 

But that’s not all - just two days earlier, Wheeler rejected a recommendation of EPA scientists to strengthen public health protections for fine particles of soot, even ignoring recent medical research that shows people exposed to this air pollution are more vulnerable to COVID-19. 

From weakening the successful Clean Cars Standards and not tightening restrictions on soot pollution, to halting enforcement of environmental laws during the coronavirus pandemic, there are some very clear losers. There are, however, always clear winners from Trump’s policies -- polluters.

Right now is the worst possible time to allow more soot, mercury and other hazardous pollution into the air, especially as we’re seeing linkages between exposure to toxic air pollution and mortality rates with COVID-19.

Like so much of the Trump administration’s deregulation agenda, these schemes to allow more pollution comes with devastating health impacts, especially for pregnant women and children, and for those living in communities located near power plants.

Tell Andrew Wheeler and President Trump to stop rolling back public health standards, especially during a public health emergency! Submit a public comment opposing the EPA’s proposed soot air pollution rule today!

And if you have a personal story -- a family member, friend who struggles with asthma, COPD or emphysema from particulates in air pollution -- please share them as well! There is power in your story and a personalized comment will always mean more.

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