Polluters shouldn't profit from the pandemic -- support the ReWIND act to stop them!


Since March, we've worked tirelessly to hold the line against the oil industry's most shameless attempts to profit from the pandemic. But while regular taxpayers and small businesses are still waiting for relief, oil lobbyists are getting moved to the front of the line. The Trump administration is rolling back royalty rates and axing rules meant to stop oil executives from using stimulus money to pay themselves.

Now, there's new legislation that would block their worst abuses. Senator Merkley and Representative Barragán just introduced the ReWIND (Resources for Workforce Investments, not Drilling) Act would:

  • Block the fossil fuel industry from receiving federal funds meant for families, workers and small businesses 
  • Ban the government from stockpiling oil we don’t need through the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • Put a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing and outlaw royalty relief for companies that drill on public lands
  • Stop bank holding companies from taking over distressed oil and gas corporations

Tell your legislators to support the ReWIND Act and make sure it's included in the next stimulus package. We need to invest in real recovery for hard-hit Americans -- not in bailing out a dying, destructive industry.

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