Tell President Joe Biden: Act immediately to #StopLine3 construction now.

Our house is on Fire - Line 3.jpeg

Construction has begun on the massive Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline and now one of our best chances to stop is if the Biden administration takes action to stop the project. 

Years of courageous resistance from communities fighting this pipeline have delayed construction up until this point. Now's the time when voices across the country are needed to show corporate polluters like Enbridge, and the public officials that enable them, that they won't be allowed to continue to put our communities at risk and pollute our planet. 

President Biden just rejected the Keystone XL pipeline and now he must act to halt construction and require further federal environmental review of this dangerous project. The more of us that encourage him to speak out, the more he'll have a mandate to #StopLine3 and other polluting dirty fuels pipelines like it when he's in office. 

Line 3 would cross more than 200 bodies of water and the pristine lake country of northern Minnesota where Indigenous people harvest wild rice and hold treaty rights. The climate effects of Line 3 would be disastrous -- creating more pollution than the equivalent of 50 coal plants and resulting in $287 billion in social costs over 30 years. 

We've stopped massive polluting pipelines like this before, but it's always taken a lot of us raising our voices at the right moments. Now's the time to do it with Line 3. 

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