Tell Washington Regulators to stop PSE's push for more dangerous gas

Washington's largest utility, Puget Sound Energy, just announced it wants to ramp up its burning of gas over the next two decades. This plan puts our climate and communities at risk. Send your message to regulators now and tell them to reject PSE's gas plans. 

The Washington Utility and Transportation Commission is in charge or regulating utilities like PSE. Commissioners have the power to reject utility energy plans that are not in the best interest of customers and Washington at large.

Yet PSE thinks it can get the UTC to approve plans to build many new gas electric plants and infrastructure. This plan flies in the face of Washington's 100% carbon-free electricity law and puts our communities at risk. Fracking pollutes communities across the country through extraction and pipelines, and gas burning in our homes increases the risk of health conditions like childhood asthma. And recent studies have found that fracked gas could be just as bad as carbon-emitter as coal, making this plan devastating for Washington's' climate goals. 

We need the Washington UTC to order PSE to stick to the law and to protecting their customers. Send your personalized message now! 

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