Tell your senators: Fix our broken democracy and pass the "For The People Act"

GRAPHIC_TWITTER_PromiseOfReform_resize.pngNo matter how you feel about the last four years, the problems our country faces are too pressing to remain divided. We can all agree that we need to improve our election process, including ensuring people can vote securely and expanding voter access so every eligible citizen can take part in our democracy. 

The "For The People Act," which passed in the House on March 3, 2021 is a bold comprehensive reform package to fix these vulnerabilities -- and more. The bill will help create a democracy we all seek by:

  • Expanding voting access & restore voting rights: Create a nationwide automatic voter registration system and have same day voter registration, restore the Voting Rights Act,
  • Protecting our elections: Safeguard our election infrastructure from hostile actors;
  • Strengthening ethics laws: Curb the influence of corporate polluters by requiring the President to disclose their tax returns, put tougher restrictions on lobbying, prevent elected officials from spending taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment lawsuits;
  • Fixing our broken campaign finance system: Empower small-dollar donors, support small-dollar public financing of elections, and combat the influence of “dark money” unleashed by Citizens United
  • Letting the people pick their elected officials, not politicians pick their voters: Ban partisan gerrymandering and increase protections for communities of color.

Communities of color are often most impacted by the voting restrictions and systemic voting access problems we witnessed this past election cycle, and have seen for decades. Such reforms like those introduced in the For the People Act help create a more fair, transparent, and inclusive democracy that we all seek.  

It's past time we take action to ensure everyone's voices -- no matter your zip code, race or background -- is heard in our democracy. In advance of a new Congress being sworn in at the beginning of January, let's make sure they know what should be at top of their agenda: democracy reforms like the For The People Act.

**Don't forget to add a personal message of what such reforms would mean for you and your community!**

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