Tell Congress: Pass the Frack Pack to close the fracking industry loopholes and protect local communities

The oil and gas industry has long benefited from corporate loopholes that hurt public health and the environment. The industry has carved out their own set of rules, happy to let our communities bear the costs of their fracking and drilling. 

Congress is considering passing a group of bills, called the FRACK Pack, that would close those loopholes and make the industry follow the same rules as everyone else. No special exemptions, and protection for human health and the environment. 

The problem is widespread. About 30 states contain active oil and gas production enterprises, and approximately 18 million Americans live within a mile of a well that has been drilled since 2000. National standards are needed to protect air and water resources and communities from toxic pollution near fracking sites

The five bills in the FRACK Pack are the CLEANER Act, the FRESHER Act, the SHARED Act, the FRAC Act, and the CLOSE Act. They would close loopholes around dangerously radioactive frack waste disposal, clean air and water rules, and chemical information related to protecting our drinking water. They were developed as a direct response to harms that communities have dealt with around fracking for years.


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Image by Anita starzycka from Pixabay