Tell EPA: It's time to restore state authority

The Trump administration did a lot of damage to clean air in their four years in office. On day one of his presidency, President Biden and his administration promised bold action to reverse the previous administration’s illegal attack on the Clean Air Act -- and they are doing just that!

Now it’s your turn—tell the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to restore state authority to enforce stronger clean car standards.

Returning state authority to enforce clean car standards is also a win for those looking to spur job creation and economic growth. Domestic clean car manufacturing will drive manufacturing back to the U.S. and provide well-paying jobs to workers.

The EPA needs to hear from you because if state authority is restored, it will mark a powerful step towards cleaning up dirty vehicles. Then the next step is setting the strongest possible federal clean car rules to ensure we achieve our climate goals.

Send your comment to the EPA now! And don’t forget to tell them why clean air and clean transportation matter to you.

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